Angel's Harp


"The bonds in molecules vibrate too, making endless symphonies. Each molecule is a little angel's harp." Thus writes the young Alan to Beth. Beth whom he has never met, but who lived in the house next door fifteen years earlier. Alan and Melanie growing up in an Australian suburb in the 1960s/70s; Beth growing up in the same suburb in the 1940s/50s. What strange orchestration weaves their lives together? And how will the final chord be resolved?

Exploring themes from spirituality, to sexual awakening, to psychosis, the story gently leads the reader from the circumscribed world of the child, through the anguished teenage years, to the world of the adult, when everything should begin to make sense. Shouldn’t it? Follow Alan Carter as he struggles to discern the meaning and patterns of his life, while the forces that compose the music of the universe roll on relentlessly.

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