Give Us Today Our Daily Blog Vol. 1


So, here they are, the first 100 blog posts from my daily blog, posted over a period of just 104 days. Some work better than others: some are inspired gems, some are about as inspiring as slime mould.

Why publish them in book form? This brings them together into a nice, neat, easily handled package. If you are a relative newcomer to my blog, you may have overlooked some of the earlier posts. It’s also possible, though difficult to credit, that you may not have come across my blog at all! If that is the case, then fear not: here is what you have always been looking for. Finally, think how useful a paperback copy would be for propping up that uneven table leg!

These blogs are unchanged from the originals, except for the correction of a few typographical errors. This is as it should be. They do not represent any unified theme, or any integrated whole. They are brief reflections, spontaneous expressions of what was on my mind at the time. The opinions of the author (then) do not necessarily represent the opinions of the author (now). Enjoy!

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