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Philip was born in Birmingham, UK, in 1957, and emigrated to Australia—among the wave of ₤10 immigrants—in 1966. The family settled in Adelaide in South Australia. After finishing school, Philip embarked on an ambitious degree in science and mathematics. This was not a great success! After a brief, inevitable stint in the retail industry, Philip began training to become an Anglican Priest. He completed a B.Th. and served for a while in a parish, before returning to fulltime study to complete a doctorate. After some years, Philip left the Church and worked for a while in several community positions. However, after a while his ambitions returned him to the field of science, this time the biological sciences. He completed a second undergraduate degree, and subsequently a second doctorate. Following this, at the ripe old age of 52, Philip became a post-doctoral research assistant at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. He then returned to Australia to pursue a more literary career. Always keen on writing, Philip finally completed his first novel in 2012, and is continuing to write in his spare time. His interesting and diverse life has provided him with some very fascinating experiences from which to draw upon in his writing.


Now based in Cairns, in Far North Queensland, he also runs his own small business from home, working full time as a freelance editor.



Philip has two grown up children, both living in Melbourne, and two granddaughters: Scarlett, born in 2012, and Ellie, born in 2016.