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Give Us Today Our Daily Blog Volume 1

Angel’s Harp

"The bonds in molecules vibrate too, making endless symphonies. Each molecule is a little angel's harp." Thus writes the young Alan to Beth. Beth whom he has never met, but who lived in the house next door fifteen years earlier. Alan and Melanie growing up in an Australian suburb in the 1960s/70s; Beth growing up in the same suburb in the 1940s/50s. What strange orchestration weaves their lives together? And how will the final chord be resolved?...


So, here they are, the first 100 blog posts from my daily blog, posted over a period of just 104 days. Some work better than others: some are inspired gems, some are about as inspiring as slime mould.

Why publish them in book form? This brings them together into a nice, neat, easily handled package. If you are a relative newcomer to my blog, you may have overlooked some of the earlier posts. It’s also possible, though difficult to credit, that you may not have come across my blog at all! If that is the case, then fear not: here is what you have always been looking for…


During and after the Second World War, Harold a young sailor in the British Merchant Navy serving on the Queen Mary, falls in love with the wild, impetuous Kate. But Kate's dreams to become an actress and a singer, and her growing success, prevent her from making a life with Harold. So Harold meets and marries Maggie…


Wendy JanesWendy Janes ‏@wendyproof

I've just this moment finished reading Angel's Harp by @All_read_E Wow, it was so powerful in a beautifully

understated way.

Life Drawings

Tom and Diane are two young misfits who embark upon a timid relationship. Supported by friends and family, harassed by an increasingly disturbed Anglican priest, they begin an exploratory journey, discovering themselves and each other. But a dark secret from Diane's past is slowly closing in on them.

Do Tom and Diane have a future together?

Who will live, and who will die?


Give Us Today Our Daily Blog Volume 2

So, here they are, the next 100 blog posts from Philip Newey’s daily blog, ’Daily’. Ah, yes, well. [Clears his throat with an embarrassed cough.] At some stage ‘daily’ became ‘when I could be bothered’. So this is now ’daily’ in the same way that the monthly magazine, Women’s Weekly, is ’weekly’.

No doubt those of you who didn’t buy and read the last volume are looking forward to not buying and reading this volume too. I bet you can’t wait to not buy the next volume, which, based on the rate I am blogging these days, won’t come out next year!