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Whether you are an established or an aspiring writer, your work is very important to you. You have invested a great deal of yourself into your work, and having someone else look at it is to bare your soul, or to stand naked and exposed in the mall. You may be too close to what you have written to be able to assess it objectively. This applies to both the creative and the technical aspects of your work. The people close to you may be willing to read your work, but they are often too close to you and are unwilling or unable to provide an objective assessment. As willing as they may be to help you, they may not have the experience or expertise required for the task. I have been there. I am there now myself. I have been in the position of having my work assessed by friends and family, and I have been asked to assess their work in turn. It is not easy, on either side of the fence. That is why I now seek outside assistance. Your work needs to be assessed, both from a creative and a technical perspective, by someone who has no personal investment, who can be as objective as it is possible to be. Most aspiring authors cannot afford the fees charged by those offering these services. For this reason, I am offering here an affordable and accessible service. Manuscript assessment, copy editing and proofreading are intensive and time-consuming activities. It is not fair to expect this of friends or family. If you decide to use my services, be assured that you will receive value for money. Be assured, also, that you will not have to wait months for the results! I add one word of caution: As much as I would like to get everything 100% right 100% of the time, I am, after all, only human. Sometimes even I will miss something!