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Philip, Thank you again for the excellent editing! I had a chance to spend a good deal of time with the edited draft and I really like the way you have cleaned it up. I’m going to do some work on the date/timeline issue. I had written it piecemeal during my last military deployment and think it really benefits from your overall view of the narrative. Thanks - Jack

Dear Philip, I just wanted to express my gratitude for your copy editing work on my novel ... You brought up inconsistencies in the timeline that I needed to fix, and I think I was able to address them all. Thank you for your excellent set of eyes. - Bruce

Hi Philip, Just wanted to let you know that my short story ... which you did a manuscript assessment on a while back has been published ... This is the third story you've worked on with me that I've gotten to publication!!! Hope you're having a good day. - Bernard

Another huge Thank You!! I truly appreciate all you have done for me. I learned a lot by going over all your corrections, twice! A lot I don't know. You made my story better, and I thank you for that. - Holly

Thank you very much for all the work you did. Writing and knowing what I feel and see, is not always what the reader can interpret. So all your suggestions make sense to me and I will make changes. - Holly

Hi Philip, Aurora House who want to publish the book paid a compliment of how well it had been edited when I sent the manuscript to them. They only had three or four minor additional editing suggestions. - Phillip

Hi Philip. Thanks for the edit. As usual it was top grade and I accepted virtually all the edit suggestions. - Bob

Thanks so much for your time. Your assessments are always a big help to me. - Bernard

I want to thank you so very much for what you have done for me so far, and my books are infinitely the better for you working on them. - Michael

Bringing Kidnapped in the South Pacific to fruition has been a long process and without your valuable assistance it would be a much lesser read. Thanks a million for your help and if I settle and write a fourth story I will, as in the past, engage your editorial services and advice from start to finish. At every opportunity I will recommend you to those requiring assistance whether they be novices or seasoned writers. Sincerely thanking you - Bob

I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic job on my novel! I didn’t realize I had made so many mistakes and your overall report helped me a lot. I’m reading through it now and just felt like I needed to send you a message and say thank you for all your hard work! I will be coming back to you for future projects and will recommend you to all of my friends/family and of course other fellow writers along the way! Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful evening! - Zachary

Just a quick note to say: BRAVO! I am so deeply thankful for your detailed, painstaking editing of American Red. I accepted probably 80% of your edits, and many of your comments. I know my hyphens and em dashes must have driven you nuts, along with some other things. You certainly made the book exceptionally better. Thank you. ... I have had a number of editors, and hired a few for magazines and other articles, and I don’t recall one better than you. - David

Thanks to you, I won the SCRIPT WRITERS Phoenix Film Festival in Melbourne for, “JANE- The Ulster Soldier’s Daughter” and was a finalist in the EURO FEST Film Festival with “Pernilla’s Gift”. My work is gaining a lot more interest with Australian producers. We might see in my lifetime, a TV series or a movie yet. I have had also a request to rewrite The Jane Series for the stage in Brisbane early next year, which I might do, if I have the time - Carmel

Hope all is well with you. Just wanted to let you know that my short story "Furies and the Men Who Love Them," which you did an assessment on last year (or maybe the year before, I don't remember now) will be published next month by Allegory ezine. Thanksso much for all your help with getting that one into shape. I'm looking forward to the rest of the world getting a chance to read it. Have a good day. - Bernard

I've had a quick look through your comments and they are exactly what I was hoping for. Plot holes and shifting POV are particular problems for me and you've done a great job pointing them out. - Sally

I just finished working through the edits you sent me and had to send you another email, to thank you for your hard work. What a great job you did! - Jo-Ann

Thank you for your in-depth no BS edit. From the beginning of the editing process I knew that the first editor was giving this a wash, and the beta readers really weren't up to the task of seeing what you saw. The copy editor also gave it a wash, and it was obvious to me that it needed a legitimate edit like yours. Each phase of the editing process contributed, but no one even came close to your edit. - Mark

Holy crap, Philip, that was a hell of a copy edit! You know, I see other self-publishers skipping editing completely and I'm sometimes envious and think, "I could get away with that. My revisions are fairly clean." But then I get your edit back and your changes just make my work so much stronger. You made so many great suggestions and notes. And I'm trying to work on my use of indirect/padding phrasing. Thanks - Domino

Editing is about refinement. It’s about getting deeper into a piece, its ideas, its structure, its language. It’s a handmade art, a craft. You don’t learn it overnight. Philip, my editor, is a master craftsman. He took the second edition rewrite of my novel and polished it, picking up out of place timelines, fixing tenses and making the story flow. His attention to detail is highly commendable. Thank you Philip. I will be back with the final proofread before print. Stephanie Marie Roberts, award-winning author of “Liam Shark Boy” and “Love Me”, a novel. - Stephanie

Thanks for getting this back to me so quickly. The edits are great. I can release this sooner than I thought. - Domino

That's awesome, thanks! Will definitely get back to you once I am done going through your corrections. So far I really like what you did, a very good job! :) - Jan

Thanks for your copy editing. Great job! Very pleased. I've gone through and accepted most of your markups. It is now ready for proofreading. - Dave

I have just gone through your changes to my book. I just want to give you a big thank you, and too say how pleased I am with what you have done. I must admit that it was a little cluttered and repetitive. You are the first person to read through it all, besides me. I have taken, most of your suggestions on board. This is the first book I have written, and it has been a few years in the making. Just a warning! I am working on book 2. Thank you again Philip. Great job and it is good to meet someone, who doesn’t string you along. - Tracey

I want to thank you for your brilliant editing. You took my lump of coal and polished into a diamond. I am well aware of my faults in writing (dreaded POV, I really have to work harder on that one), and your edit was like taking a class. Not to mention, my amusement as some of your comments. I can’t believe I never noticed writing cufflinks (cracks me up) instead of handcuffs. Too funny! I’ve made all, or almost all, of the changes you suggested. I think you are a gem, and you can bet I will avail myself of your services again. - Tema

Thank you for the wonderful work with every action by you my work becomes more and more like the real thing. - Andrew

Just got through all your edits, Philip. You did a great job finding my conversational Goldilocks zone. I didn't think your changes overly critical of the style yet you corrected a lot of my mistakes with past perfect and grammar that I didn't intend. - Domino

Philip, I'm loving your edits. I've plunged right in. You've done a wonderful job. Some day I may finally solve my "had" problem. - Jo-Ann

Thank you for the hard work and expertise you have given me in your assessment of my novel. It is far more constructive and detailed than I expected having previously had an assessment of another novel with a leading UK literary consultancy. All I received from them were some vague suggestions for considerably more than you charge. You don’t pull your punches but then that is what I need. You do manage to build an author’s confidence by highlighting the good parts in addition to pointing out the bits, or in my case the large bits, that need a lot of work to bring it up to a good standard. Your comments on characterisation and POV are particularly helpful. I like the way you have set out the areas in need of work in the manuscript for ease of reference in addition to the detailed report.

Thank you for this assessment and report. I shall have no hesitation in recommending your services to my fellow writers. When I have rewritten this novel I shall come back to you for it to be worked over again. My aim is to get this novel to a high standard and I have no doubt that you will assist me in achieving that goal. - Fran

As a novice writer I found myself stuck, not knowing which way to turn. Is my work worthy of publication and if so how much polish is required? Should I go cap in hand to traditional publishers or try indie? In desperation I contacted Philip Newey. In a manner befitting a true professional he assessed the manuscript, copy edited, proof read and uploaded to self publishing internet sites. During the five months of processing he gave of his time and expertise generously and as a bonus did not charge exorbitant fees for the service. He has brought my dream to reality and recommend him to anyone wishing to publish. - Bob

Thank you for the fine assessment of my book which I got today and considered in depth ... I appreciate the time and consideration you took to survey my attempt. I know money is small commiseration for all the effort it took ... I will certainly put all your excellent comments and recommendations to use ... - Eric

I had an amazing experience working with Philip on my book. He is a true professional, very thorough and very helpful explaining some of the corrections I didn't understand at first. I was also impressed with how fast he answered all my questions. I highly recommend his services and will definitely keep working with him on my next books! Thanks again for the great work you did on my first book. - Chris

Philip offers a service at rates that are more than just competitive. They beat the opposition by a country mile. The old adage that ‘you get what you pay for’ is sometimes used to denigrate services and goods that are offered at a reduced price. Philip manages to turn this on its head. I have paid three times more for copy editing than Philip charged and received a less comprehensive product. I have no hesitation in recommending Philip for copy editing and I shall be using him again for my next novel. - Francis

I have read your report and it's awesome, thank you - so many great ideas and directions and insight that I hadn't even considered. That's why you do what you do eh! - Sue

Dr. Newey edited my middle-grade novel and I was very impressed. He meticulously reviewed the document and caught many errors that I hadn't seen. He has a good grasp of the English language, grammar, and verb tenses. In the end he provided me with an edited document and a manuscript assessment report which helped to guide my corrections. I would most definitely recommend him and his services. - Kristin

Philip is an exceptionally thorough and professional copy-editor. But he's actually more than that. He's a skilled writing coach. Philip provided me with detailed edits and a summary report of my writing, which is helping me improve my craft. Philip is easy to work with, responds to e-mails promptly, gives solid quotes on prices, and is easy to talk to. He's like a writer's Yoda, wise, caring and perceptive. I can't thank him enough for all his help. Oh, and did I mention he's affordable... - Jo-Ann

Philip is a prototypical editor for self-published authors. He is prompt and easy to work with. He has an eye for small details. And he has a passion for grammar and syntax. On top of doing a great job with manuscripts, he packages his edits with a full page report on an author's tendencies and errors. Furthermore, he happily discusses his views when asked. Without a doubt, I will be seeking his services again. - Domino

Thx for your input. All your comments make perfect sense as always. - Johanna

Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Your assessment is right on and I have a lot of work to do over the next few weeks. I will be in touch. - Marc

Thank you for your wonderful comments and suggestions. They are much appreciated. I was thrilled with your overall report. This helped so much, providing a comprehensive list of things to work on and be aware of. No other editor I have worked with has done this and I hope you continue to do so. - Mikki

Hi Philip, I thought I'd drop a quick line to thank you for all of your work on my manuscript. As of this morning, it has been accepted to be published. Without your work I believe I would've received instead another rejection letter. I sent my manuscript to two publishers before your copy edit and the first one that received it after the copy edit, has decided to take it on. Money well spent. I will definately be using your services for all of my future works. Thanks again. - Damian

I read your report. I agree 100% with your comments. ... I'll rework all the parts you've highlighted - and will send you a better version of the MS after these revisions are done. I must have rewritten this story ten times and have gotten some feedback, but for the first time I finally heard what I wanted to hear. Thanks very much for your thorough analysis. It's def extremely helpful. - Johanna

Thank you so much for all the hard work you did on my ms. The editing and proof-reading was very thorough and detailed, and your comments made perfect sense. I have learned a lot from your suggestions and your explanations of the corrections you made. I will definitely be calling on your services again Philip, many thanks. - Sue

Hi Philip, Great job, I am very impressed by your work... I look forward to working with you on my next project, Back In Town. - Marc

Great work with my manuscript. That is some fantastic feedback and you've pointed out some really important holes that I'd overlooked. I've gone over your report and the manuscripts comments many times now and decided on a major rewrite, bringing a lot of your points into affect on the way. This is exactly why I ordered an assessment and I'm extremely glad I did. Better one professional point out the flaws than the entire Amazon community! They tell me you only get one shot at agents and publishers so your advice has been invaluable. - Damian

Thanks for all the help with these ‘nightmare’ first chapters and the detailed report. You’ve certainly put in more effort than I had expected. Thank you too for all the positive and constructive comments. - Mary

Thank you for the work you did. I am more than satisfied with the quality. I appreciate it! I would be happy to request you another work in the near future. - Hyoni

Thank you for your excellent report. I have only had the chance to read it through once - yesterday, in the library, between appointments, but I felt a sense of satisfaction at its comprehensiveness, honesty and helpfulness... It's hard to find the right words to express my appreciation without waxing lyrical! Now I have to get to work and make the changes. When I think I have a final draft completed, I'd like to use your services again for the next stage of the process. - Heather

Thank you very much for your comprehensive coverage of the book... A very full and professional critique. Thank you. - Robert

Thanks very much for your assessment of my MS I found your suggestions on structure very helpful. I have had a difficult time with a part of the structure, and this was my first attempt at combining the two different time periods. As far as I could tell, it worked well for the first few chapters but after that I was struggling, as you point out. Your idea of forming a stronger framework appeals, and I think it will also help me to bring the work to a more interesting and tighter conclusion. It is so frustrating to know that there is room for improvement, but we are often too close to our masterpiece to see where it could be improved. Attention to detail is not my greatest virtue, and it was very helpful to have a critical eye cast over my often sloppy work. Thanks once more. - Jenny

Philip returned my manuscript to me promptly, it had been thoroughly edited, and tidied up in terms of format. The report that accompanied the manuscript was of immense value because Philip has the ability to point out my mistakes objectively without me taking umbrage at his findings. Philip's tact in correcting my errors meant that I was able to productively move onto revising and correcting my work. I will use Philip's services again and I recommend him to anyone looking for a copy editor. - Donna

I was prepared not to agree with some of the points raised, but when the report arrived I found myself agreeing with pretty much all of them. Philip was not exactly soft on my ego but the service would be worthless if he didn’t confront authors with the unvarnished facts. It’s up to me what changes I make to my novel (if any). All he can do is tell me what he thinks, and I’m perfectly in my rights to ignore it. But I won’t. I’m going to see when I can make some time to return to my novel. I want to make it the best that I can, and this has given me some new directions to explore. - Andrew

Philip is a helpful editor who provides a wonderful service. He went over and beyond with his Manuscript Assessment to help me tighten up any loose ends. He also has an astonishing turnaround time. Something much appreciated for us authors who can’t wait to keep things pushing forward. - Benjamin

Philip Newey is an architect of words! He understands the importance of story structure. He knows the absolute necessity for creative writing to be totally supported on the literary bones of grammar, punctuation and spelling. Without these, a text is a floppy, imprecise, non-attractive jelly of jumbled words. As a prolific writer and blogger, he knows the soul connection between an author and his story, and the pain that non-constructive criticism can bring. His academic history of two PHDs has taught him precision research skills which can root out historical inaccuracies, both with fact and feel of an era, that could blemish and taint a story. With a literary scalpel and a laser eye for error, he can excise the unnecessary, realign the body of a text while preserving the soul of the story and encourage the whole piece to sing. - Jan