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What is it?

I am using the term 'developmental editing' in its more strict interpretation as a process that comes into play when a manuscript is incomplete, or possibly still in the planning stage. The role of the editor in this case is to guide the author as they develop the book, helping them to conceive the project more clearly, coaching them as they develop the themes and/or plot etc. If the manuscript is complete, I refer you to the discussion of manuscript assessment.

My other services are charged according to the word length of the manuscript, but because in this case there may be no manuscript, or only an outline/plan, or a partially completed manuscript, I charge instead by the minute. At the time of the request for this service I will estimate the cost. This will be the maximum cost. If it takes longer than anticipated, I will charge only the quoted amount. If it takes less time, I will charge only for that length of time. Thus a final invoice will be sent only after competion of the work. If there is any follow-up work, this will be charged in a similar fashion, although tthe first hour of such follow-up work will be free.

The fee structure is $0.50 per minute, with a minimum charge of $30. All prices quoted in Australian dollars.

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