Terms and Conditions: 

All-read-E offers four distinct services, manuscript assessment, copy editing, proofreading and manuscript preparation (for self-publishing). It is important, when submitting a manuscript for one of these services, that the author is clear about which service is required. All-read-E will happily copy edit a manuscript that really needs to be assessed, or proofread a manuscript that needs copy editing, but this is probably a waste of the author’s money. The author should only submit a manuscript for copy editing when he/she is confident about the development of the story and the characters, and about his/her writing style. Only the final draft of the manuscript should be submitted for proofreading. Neither copy editing nor proofreading will help if a story is poorly constructed or conceived. Submitting a manuscript for assessment after it has been copy edited or proofread may result in the need for considerable re-writing, and the need for copy editing and/or proofreading for a second time. 

Manuscripts are to be submitted in Word format as an attachment via email. Once a submission is received and All-read-E agrees to provide the service requested, an exact quote will be provided. This will be based on the prices stated elsewhere on this web site. Please note that an administration fee of $15 will apply to each job. The manuscript will be added to the queue and the author will be provided with an approximate date for the fulfillment of the service. All-read-E will endeavour to complete the job on or before that date, but this cannot be guaranteed. If accepted, urgent jobs will be completed in the specified time but will incur a surcharge. Payment is due within thirty days of receipt of the manuscript. Failure to settle the account within that time will incur a penalty.

For manuscript assessment, a comprehensive report and annotated manuscript will be forwarded to the author. For copy editing, a comprehensive report and revised manuscript will be provided showing all the changes via ‘track changes’ in Word. It is then up to the author to go through and accept/reject these changes. For proofreading a similar revised version of the manuscript will be provided. The author is free to accept or reject any changes made or suggested and responsibility for the final state of the manuscript remains with the author.

Although for the proofreading service All-read-E will endeavour to identify and correct all errors, it is not possible to give a 100% guarantee. Even the best trained and most experienced eye can miss some things. It remains the author’s responsibility to ensure the correctness of the manuscript prior to publication.

The manuscript submitted for any of these services remains the author’s creative and intellectual property. It needs to reflect the author’s style and intentions. It is All-read-E’s job to look at this work from an independent and objective perspective. No changes or suggestions are intended to criticise or belittle the author’s work but, rather, to make sure that it better expresses what the author intends it to express. Because the author is free to accept or reject any changes made or suggested, it is important to acknowledge that any remaining errors are solely the author’s responsibility.

For the preparation of manuscripts for print on demand or ebook publishing, it is essential that the author create, maintain and operate his/her own accounts with the respective sites, e.g. Amazon KDP, Createspace, Smashwords etc.

In accepting All-read-E’s services, you agree to these terms and conditions.