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Writing has always been part of my life. Professionally, I have completed two doctorates, one in Theology and one in Biology, both of which required a very high standard of presentation. I have published several articles in high quality academic journals. I have professional writing experience in both the humanities and the sciences. I have taught at tertiary level in both fields. Perhaps even more importantly, I have worked alongside students in the capacity of a tutor and advisor, as they struggle to put the right words, in the right order and in the right context, down on paper. As a result of this experience, I have an excellent understanding of spelling and grammar. Alongside this professional work, I have been writing stories and other forms of fiction for most of my life. I have two published novels, one other is currently in preparation for publishing, and I am presently writing a fourth. More recently I have been reviewing and proofreading manuscripts as a favour to others. I have an abundant knowledge of the creative and technical aspects of writing. However, as an assessor and/or copy editor it is necessary to have more than this. Extensive life experience and a broad general knowledge are just as essential. Only with such knowledge is it possible to identify factual errors that might otherwise be overlooked. Only with extensive life experience is it possible to assess how realistically a character or event is being portrayed. This is just as important in highly imaginative fiction, such as fantasy and science fiction, as it is in more realistic fiction. I have lived and worked on two continents. I have undertaken three quite different careers. I have enjoyed my share of the general ups and downs of life and relationships. I bring this knowledge and experience to bear whenever I review a book or assess a manuscript. Finally, I read. I read, I read, and then I read some more. This gives me an understanding of a broad variety of genres. Above all, it has taught me what works. I will bring my experience as a writer and as a reader, and my experience and knowledge of the world, to bear as I look at your precious manuscript.